Science and technology : Solar energy

A very much known form of energy nowadays. Today’s article is about solar energy and it’s science and technology. As we all know the fact that Sun is the ultimate source of energy for every organism present on Earth. Sun provides the required energy to all and nourish them in the form of sunlight rays radiated on the Earth. For the balance of life, to make it happen sunlight is the most important part in the ecosystem.

The concept of solar energy evolves around trapping the light and utilising it in the form of energy that can be used by the people. Earth is blessed with biodiversity and the main sources are sun, air and water of this system. To live life every organism need these sources. Energy can be renewable and non renewable. Sunlight is such an example of renewable energy resource.

In context to India we see that India is a country where there is ultimate sunlight present. For understanding this, think on the facts that are as follows – We know that North India receives maximum sunlight in the month of April to June whereas Southern part of India receives sunlight all throughout the year, the desert areas are also an source to this. The conversion of sunlight into the form of electricity will be useful to the population of India as the demand of electricity is increasing day by day and will not harm the environment or increase the global warming.

For this government and environmental activists have given suggestions and a way to generate solar electricity by installing solar panels on the rooftop or on the land wherever they are comfortable with. It not only reduces the cost and demand of electricity but also creates a source of income for them. The implementation of this scheme will create new job opportunities also.

This concept has also been discussed at national and international conferences and many have supported it. By 2024 we’ll be generating solar energy at huge level. Solar energy is the future in the upcoming years and many have already started working on it. So what are you waiting for ,just try to get acknowledged with the facts and do it once, it will be a long term benefit. It can be proved as a major transformation in the field of science and technology.

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