A Journal a year

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Journal, a record of the official statement or the record of the personal activity of the day or the entry of business details for the transaction or the news sheet according to the 17th century.

Even though most of us think that keeping a record of something you do every day is a lot to do, many of us by adapting this method have found out the secret it holds.

Journaling is something quite creative and yet it is so basic of whatever you are thinking, you are doing or you want to do.

Writing a journal is all about finding the right motivation and the push so that whatever you are writing you are enjoying as the journal is not about the diary or not about the decoration though it may act as a plus, it is surely all about the thought and facts you are choosing to write down or the information you are mentioning about each passing day or yours or anything else.

Journaling is the habit that can make you just believe more in whatever you trust on it is the drive that can keep you up when you are down in the driving force of life.

But it is not that easy to keep writing or recording the day-to-day deed so to tip it off for you guys this article is here.

A few minutes a day

We think writing and organizing your though in a particular format and manner is going to take a lot of time from your busy schedule right?

But, no it won’t as even when you are riding in the bus or switching the train with few hour gaps in between or stuck in the subway you just have to scribble the keyword which can sum up that particular day’s activity and for that, you don’t even need to have the journal paper even your mobile’s note will do and yup you did it and when you will be looking back then you will understand what and why you wrote it that way which is a helpful tool in making and tracking some of your important decision of life.

Not a pressure 

Writing a journal seems like pressure to you? Then don’t as it’s not important to write it if you don’t find peace with it. 

Writing a journal is a way for some of us to cope with our thought storms resulting in way out of control Hollywood 2012’s conclusion.

So. yeah write it when you want it but again some of us dodge this writing down process just because we think we going to write everything correctly if we are recording it but whom do you need to show for it to be all perfect?

No one right? As journaling is for you to track every day of your life not for others to get more reasons to judge you based on your thought process.


Concluding my article with saying that the importance of journaling is well explained by the Mystic Falls squad which is based on journaling only even though the entire thing has nothing to do with the reality it still is a fun way of getting inspired and bangs, writing everything out.

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