A thread to tie

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It is just a thread, but it can hold so many emotions and feelings representing the unbreakable bond of sister and brother. The ancient root of this festival is deeply rooted in the idea of the all-life protection of sisters from every evil out there by their brothers. The tying thread on the wrist of the brother is the symbol of his blessing and a promise which they service throughout their lives in every up and down of the sister’s life.

As the auspicious day of Rakhi is celebrated today on this very day of Purnima, let’s find out its importance and a glance at its past.


The history of any festival is very enriched and secures great importance in today’s life. As we are pacing fast with the changing time, we are somewhere just enjoying the festival. We are so not into why and when of their origins.

But don’t worry with few incidents which can show how important the tying of the thread is in our culture I have written them in this article.


Once when Krishna Ji was using his Sudarshan Chakra on the King Shisupala, during the time he injured his finger which Draupadi Ji tried to treat by wrapping the piece of her cloth around Krishna Ji’s finger and that time Krishna Ji vowed to always protect Draupadi from all the evil.

That is the importance of tying thread around the wrist on the festival of Rakshabandhan nowadays.

A Peace Offering

During the time of the Britishers, they believed in the rule and divide policy which did have many severe effects on the relationship of the mostly Hindu and Muslims,

To overcome this difference between themselves our freedom fighters tried to mend the relationship between the two by saying we are brother and sister of the same mother nation and that is why many women of both sides at the time tied the Raksha thread to ensure and again build the trust and love of brotherhood and sisterhood between two different mindsets.

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