Evils of terrorism

Today’s article discusses about the evils of terrorism. Terrorism is a world wide problem. A terrorist is a person who tries to create fear and panic among the people to gain his own ends. Their aim is to frighten the people and the government. In order to create panic they explode bombs and spread rumours. Terrorists change their hideouts. Sometimes the hard-core terrorists commit suicide or kill their associates when arrested.

Terrorists are usually young and the old behind them. They coordinate and guide the terrorists activities. Terrorists are extremists who act with great zeal. But they are misguided people who sometimes do not know what they are really acting for. Sometimes terrorists are helped by some foreign agencies in order to create disorder inside the country. In such cases, they are trained in the use of sophisticated weapons. They are also supplied with money and arms by agencies.

Terrorism is threatening peace and security all over the world. Many countries in the world have been hit by the cult of violence. As terrorism is an international problem, we can solve it by with the help of international cooperation. The countries of the world should not allow terrorists activity against another country. Terrorists have no religion and no faith in human values. Their only philosophy is bloodshed for political gains.

The genuine grievance of the people must be redressed and justice should be done to all. Terrorism has crossed borders and he developed into a global issue. We hope we could fight the evils and come back with peace and harmony in the near future. Today’s generation don’t want such sort of fear in their minds and want to lead a stable and happy life. It’s the responsibility of the organizations of WHO, UNSC to maintain peace all over the world.

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