The invention of mobile phones is one of the greatest achievement of humankind. The first mobile phone service was started in Japan in 1979 and within 42 years it has revolutionized the lives of people. Mobile phones usage is growing at a rapid rate, today the world is unimaginable without mobile phones.

Mobile phones is one of the quickest means of communication device. A person can communicate with their friends or family who lives miles apart. It has eradicated the olden system of letter delivery. In morden generation assess to internet has acted as miracle to many tech company to accumulate wealth for their companies. We can take phones in our pocket and roam anywhere. By use of mobile phones life has become more comfortable also phones now do the work of laptop’s; we can do NetBanking, send our important documents to the required place through email and many more.

Parent’s encourage their children to use mobile phones as it promotes learning. People can assess to google or youtube for educational purposes. In the current pandemic situation the world has shifted to virtual meating and imparting knowledge as socializing is prohibited in peron/groups. Parents also encourage their children to use mobile phones as it has GPS system so that they are assured of their child safety when they venture out in the world alone. Phones also serves as an entertainment purposes. People can assess to different apps for movies and shows to keep themselves busy. People can save their money due to introduction of eBooks. Many important date can be stored in our phone which out mind can’t remember. It’s helps a person to captured their sweetest memory for them to cherish.

Mobile phones has connected the world digitally through internet. People can know what is happening around the world through news. The current scenario has changed a lot now the world is leading itself to globalization. Branding and advertising are done through online platform it’s has made growth in many different industries. Different countries set their own cyber security so that there is no breach of people’s privacy. Many tech company hires professional hackers for their companies digital data so that no one can hack into their companies system.

“Mobile phones are neither good or bad it depends on the individual how they use “.