Importance of writing

Today’s article is about the importance of writing. Writing simply means handwritten on a paper. Typing can’t be considered under writing. In today’s world where there is smartphone and devices available practiced of writing on paper is getting diminished. People try to just copy and paste the important things on the devices.

Writing is necessary for the kids and youth too. Writing also ensures to remember the facts. It is scientifically proven that when we write with our fingers the mind gets connected with it automatically and that’s why we don’t forget the things which we have written on the piece of paper rather than typing. Typing can be a temporary option but one should not avoid the practice of writing.

It is important to know the benefits of writing. Writing helps in learning the points more quicker. It also focuses to concentrate on the points written down. Thinking ability is improved of an individual. As a personal experience I have noticed that the things which I have written on the paper are still remembered and the things which I haven’t wrote was easily forgettable.

In earlier times, there is a tradition that the child should write the first letter on the slate with his fingers and worship the goddess of knowledge “sarawsati”. From there we know that writing is an important tradition in childhood life. After that only, a child’s education is considered to be formally begin. The gurukul system also focused on writing the concept taught by the gurus to the students.

I choose this topic because nowadays people are not in the habit of writing which is very essential. The movement of fingers are done only when we write on the paper. I hope that you will read and notice the things I have mentioned and try to write at least for 20 minutes on a piece of paper. It will be beneficial and you will remember things more easily without the use of smartphone.

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