Motivation is the process in which learner’s energies or needs are directed towards various good objects in his environment.

Kinds of motivation

Positive motivation :- In this child do the work from itself and they fill Happy while doing the work. Teachers organise different types of events which gives some positive motivation to the children.

Negative motivation :- children do not do the work from itself but they can do the work by some external efforts or when someone tell them to do work. And this type of motivation comes when we compare the students with each other.

We should always try that positive motivation give the childrens because if the children do the work by some external efforts then they have no any interest towards the work and they use wrong path for completing the work.

Positive motivation increases the confidence of children towards the situation. They will easily handle the situation by positively. Good thoughts comes in mind. Children have interest for doings the work. They do not do any compilation with each other.

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