Importance of Meditation

When we hear the word meditation, we feel like we have to get immersed in a deep concentration. We feel like we have some magical powers for the same. But today I am here to brief you about what meditation is. It is a calm and lovable state of mind. It is a journey of slowing your thinking process and also a path towards positive thinking. So, meditation is a state of mind which should incorporated in your life. In times of crisis, where the pandemic has significantly affected our mental health ,we should spare at least 5 mins wherein we could sit in peace, let the thoughts and emotions flow. 

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So yes , it is rightly said that we thrive every moment to turn our lives into a positive direction. 
But only a calm, relaxed and blissful mind can pave the way for a successful and well lived experience on this planet. To do so , we have to acknowledge and adopt meditation in our culture.

Now let’s take a look at some benefits of meditation 1- regular meditation helps in coping with anxiety attacks- practicing meditation decreases grey matter in the areas of the brain associated with fear and anxiety, and increases grey matters in areas where compassion and love exist. 

2- helps in getting rid of unwanted/ negative thoughts- As an idol is created after removing unwanted stones, in the same way, meditation helps you to remove unwanted thoughts and a beautiful personality comes before everyone. 

3-Meditation improves concentration and memory- the calmer the mind is , the more you can focus on things and see them clearly ; which also makes it easier to remember. 

4- increases your productivity- when you’re in a peaceful state of mind , you would be able to determine which tasks are most important and which aren’t urgent.

To conclude, when we start meditating we start seeing significant changes in our life. Therefore, start meditating today to live a stress free , productive life.