knowledge matrix is were an organisations maybe bulit up with information they might be gather a lot and lot of knowledge from the peer companies and even the huge companies to get developed through the following steps:

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Here sense maybe refer to source . As a person everyone might collect source of knowledge from each and every person we met by observe, gather and hypothesize. Observation gives more concentration on our work . When the organisation starts it they might gather some knowledge for later uses too.


when the company gathers the information or knowledge they needed to be organized

  • Contextualize
  • Categorise
  • Map

when knowledge has been categrize for the future purpose it will be helpful for coming generation .

Example: as per this centuries there are number of companies and industries were taken places so when industrial explosion happened it needed to be recorded so then it will be helpful to avoid those disasters in futures. So the generation gain knowledge about it.


socialize may everyone know about it. It’s sharing, disseminate and simulate. Sharing is the thing which make an individual to know more . Whether it is correct or not . It gives benefits for individual as well as the company.


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here is last step internalize its just apply, decide and act. Just apply your knowledge on your work and gain more and more benefits for you and your business.

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