Have u ever felt anxious about starting a new phase of your life? Leaving the secure portals of your school where you have spent the years of your life? There were your parents, teachers, friends yo have your back , protect your and guide you to tackle your problems; but now you have to leave your comfort zone and venture out in this world to play your part and make a name out of yourself in a play called “LIFE”.

The last day of my school was the last chapter of my memeroable book of my student life, but this time flows away quickly. Let me dedicate a poem(not best, but written with heart) to my school life;

I still remember the last day of my school.

Walking down the memory lane;

My mind was flooded with the departing thoughts,

Constraining back the tear of emotions;

Asking a question why time has to fly?

There was abrupt ache in my heart,

For the longing of the friends I made here.

My ears will be free from this annoying bell!

My school uniform will be kept away,

But still I will miss those wonderful days.

Those days were precious!

The only problem was our homework;

The regular faces which our eyes perceive,

Will be lost in the mist of forthcoming future.

The joy will be gone away with my departing friends.

There will be no argument between the two groups,

My friends will not gather together for a single tiffin.

There will be no discussion at the Rialto.

This valuable moments will be taken away by time.

Cherishing this beautiful moments till my last breath;

The only last wish if I get to make!

To live that dusted away life again.

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