Football has always been the go to sport for most of the children’s and even adults. Football itself is an emotion for a lot of people! It is a game which brings everyone together, to play and have fruitful rivalries. Football has larger number of followers as compared to cricket and also it is the most watchable sport. Due to this pandemic, there’s nothing to do in this leisure so, In this post, we are going to introduce the “10 BEST FOOTBALL GAMES” for android users which can be played offline in 2021, the games which will give you the exciting emotion while playing! We will update our content as we see some more exciting and promising games which are not mentioned in our list yet. So, to bring the list of 10 football games, we’ve spent more than 3 hours to bring these thrilling football games for you all!!  And I can bet you’ll undoubtedly love it!

Best Offline Football Games for Android Users-

Here we are mentioning 10 thrilling football games for all the Football Freaks!


-The first game that is on our list is “The World Soccer League”. It is a 3D soccer game where you play all the players on a team, passing the ball, dribbling, centering to the area, and shooting, the game comes with excellent high-quality graphics. This game has many features, there are a total of 2000 players!! with 60 national teams and 60 clubs. This game also provides 4 modes: Exhibition, Cup, League, and Training, and it also provides a splendid dribble and thrilling shooting! In addition, you can also save and keep all the images or videos of any moment. Achievements and Global Activity are also displayed in this game. It supports 15 different languages, and also can be played on Tablet devices!


-You’ve never played a football game like this before!! One of the best things about this game is that it provides you a multiplayer ground, in which you can play with your friends on the football ground but through online mode. You can also customize your striker and goalkeeper with tons of unlockable and mind- blowing  items and you can show off your style and jersey’s and can also represent your team’s colors! One of the key features of this game are, you can play multiplayer battles against your friend, this game also provides you a fast gameplay as compared to other football games. So, all the football freaks, without wasting your time download this game through the link given below and start making millions of memories by playing online football matches with your friends!


-This game is available completely free on play store and it is created by Free games private limited. More than 10M people have downloaded this game. One of the best parts of this game is that this game has more than 700 levels and as you will reach higher levels you will achieve a status of a “Pro Player”. You can also customize your player and also increase your rank on the leaderboard if you play well!

Some of the best features of this game are, it has stunning 3d graphics and has more than 700 levels!!  This game is very easy to play but at the same time it is hard to be the master of this game too. You can also take part in regular online events and can win trophies! By connecting with Facebook, you can also connect with your Facebook friends, send them friend requests to play with you and to play a match to remember! 


-One of the best games which gives you a real feeling of playing football on the ground. The control of this game consists of a joystick as same as in pubg and 2 fire buttons named as pass and goal. The graphics of this game are so realistic and it also provides you a smoother and  faster play. One of the best features of this game is that it provides you with excellent 3D graphics with the best sound effect which makes you feel that you are really playing on the ground! Also, there are many types of modes available such as Career mode, World Cup mode & Friendly mode.


-This game is designed by the Gameloft company. One of the best parts of this game is it’s only 31 MB in size. It is a free simulation sports game where you’ll be able to win a league or cup or a championship, or to play with the world champions, be it the manager of a fantasy team, and more. The best features of this game includes, 3D stadiums, polished shadows, detailed textures and spectators. This game is specially designed for smart players and for major football freaks so that they can really enjoy the game at its best!

  • 6. SOCCER CUP 2020

-This game is totally awesome. Once you play this game and trust me, you won’t stop, it’s all because of the realistic graphics and sound effects of this game that make you feel like you’re  literally passing a goal! You will not only find soccer games but also many other game modes. There are many football games, but none of them are like this one. Some of the best quality of this game is It comes with different modes: season, tournament, practice and career mode. This game is the most realistic game which provides you a real emotion of being on the ground.


-With millions of players worldwide, this game is a unique soccer multiplayer game. You become the caption of your own team on the road to GLORY, recruit your friends and rise to the top in a series of challenging arenas and weekly events. You can play your own way like dribble, tackle, pass and also shoot against opponents in real time online matches against all over the world. Some of the best features of this game are real time fast places 1 on 1 matches against a player from all over the world. This game is addictive, easy and funny at the same time! You can even earn a package to unlock new player types and upgrade players to reach their potential and showcase their skills. You can also take part in regular seasons and events to win unrivaled rewards.

  • Dream League Soccer 2020 puts you in the heart of the action with a fresh look and brand new features! Build your dream team from over 3,500 FIFPro™ licensed players and take to the field against the world’s best soccer clubs! Rise through 8 divisions whilst enjoying full 3D motion-captured player moves, immersive in-game commentary, team customizations, and much more. The beautiful game has never been so good! In this game you can develop your dream team from over 3,500 licensed players. This game is full 3D motion-captured kicks, tackles, celebrations and goalkeeper saves gives unmatched realism. You can Build your soccer empire from your own Stadium to Medical, Commercial and Training facilities and also use Coaches to develop your players technical and physical abilities.

-Games by Abstron private limited completely entertain you and take the football leagues to the next level. You can find better grounds, players, uniforms, and opponents. This game also gives you the feature of managing your own team. It also provides good controlling options to control your player. This game will also give you 4 modes: Quick Match, International Cup, Penalty Kick, Challenges. The quick match will allow the user to learn the basics of football, International cup winners will go through tough challenges given by 15 other teams. Penalty kicks will test your abilities under high pressure. Challenge mode is the last one and much more difficult than rest all.


-Games by Ivanovich Sports limited completely entertain you and take the football leagues to the another level. One of the best parts of this game is that this game charges a penalty for every wrong kick. Some of the pros of this game are real animations, simple game controls, real time multiplayer and also 20 offline tournaments.


So, you’ve read the 10 best offline football games for android users and I am sure that you’ll pick one of them according to the features that I’ve mentioned above in each game. According to me, I will choose the Soccer cup 2021.

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