The term emotional intelligence was termed by Michel Beldoch in 1964. The term means “it’s the capacity and ability to understand and manage your own emotions in a positive manner. People with high emotional intelligence are well adjusted individual as their emotions are in tune, they can co-up with their stress and panic and are able to handle the situation in an appropriate way. As a result they are able to com up with proper solution in a crucial situation.

Emotional intelligence have five components;

1) Self awareness: It’s an ability to perceive and understand your own emotions. A well adjusted individual is aware of their emotions; like their strength and weakness?

2) Self regulation: It’s controlling the expression of our emotions, an ability to express ourselves appropriately at right place and time; like controlling your laughter when some one can feel bad at.

3) Self motivation: It’s one’s motivation to change , you are setting an aim to achieve it and u are determined to do it; liked getting succeed in your career.

4) Empathy: It’s an emotion of putting yourself into someone’s else shoes. Understanding their situation and their point of view and feeling their pain; like helping a helpless person keeping your biases aside?

5) Social skills: It’s an ability to interact well with others which includes active communication, leadership skills and many more.

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