“ Movie Review : SHERSHAAH”

Undoubtedly Shershaah is one of the best patriotic film ever. I watched it about 5-7 days ago and I’m still cannot get over how true, surreal, no unwanted filter, simple and heartfelt this movie is! The efforts, sweats, love for the nation, a surreal cute love story, martyrdom that has been witnessed in this movie is just speechless. It is truly the best ever patriotic film ever, it has portrayed that how the soldiers literally die for our Country ( with a happy smiling face and with no regrets- this is so so so huge), how they protects us from the enemies, how they doesn’t even think about their own families, their parents who gave birth to them and they literally always there,to give their life for the country, for the sake and love for the nation. It’s something indescribable and very very emotional. It is a story about a brave army man whose various sides has been portrayed in this movie.

“Caption Vikram Batra” the person who has won many hearts, who is the inspiration for the youth, who happily gave his life while fighting for the country, who loved a girl truly and completely, who has the passion to serve for the country since his childhood. It’s a blend of two love stories together. The man who has the passion to serve for the country and on the other side the man who truly, completely, undoubtedly love a girl from his college. This movie has showed different sides of caption Vikram Batra which made us love him and to appreciate him even more. This movie is filled with truckloads of emotions. The efforts of the whole team, crew and the cast of this movie are quite evident and completely worth it. It is never easy to portray a real – life hero who has done so much in his personal life and fir his country. Still, the cast and the crew of this movie has made an effort to portray the whole life span of Captain Vikram Batra which is precisely amazing. This movie is a biopic that you will feel with all your heart, PVC awarded captain Vikram Batra, his personality, his bravery, his supreme sacrifice for the country and his never ending love for his girl will surely bring tears from your eyes. Actor Siddharth Malhotra has portrayed the character of the bravest Army man Captain Vikram Batra, and honestly he was commendable, he has given his best ever performance till now in his acting career and this is totally worth watching. He completely lived the character and totally nailed it. Each and every side of the personality was perfectly portrayed by him. Siddharth has played the role with plenty of efforts and has showed us that how Captian Vikram Batra was literally a solid stone. He portrayed the role of the army man correctly, literally no one in the universe would’ve portrayed better than Siddharth Malhotra as Captain Vikram Batra.

He has showed us each and every bit of the life span of Vikram Batra. So truly portrayed the emotions of Captain Vikram Batra that how he was so passionate for fighting for his country, how even for once he didn’t think of sacrificing his life, his girl whom he loved the most and his family just for serving for the country. The famous line that completely give justice about how passionate Captain Vikram Batra was – “ ye dil maange more” this line is enough to not even doubt on his sweat and his supreme sacrifice. “ ye dil maange more” vikram Batra always finds the ways to serve for his country, and so he choose this line to exactly show his emotion for the country and how passionate he was to serve for the country, to fight with each and every terrorist. And on the other side, the story of his love life is truly commendable and surreal. Afterall, it is a real love story. The movie has showed the love story of Captain Vikram Batra who falls in love back in his college with a girl named Dimple Cheema. Siddharth Malhotra with the co- actor Kiara Advani both has portrayed the true love of Captian Vikram Batra and Dimple Cheema, that is truly what love is, both has an amazing chemistry which has made us love them more and the surreal love story. It showed how a simple middle class girl and a boy falls in love, the love which has no boundaries. Sid- kiara chemistry felt almost real and had showed the purity of love between Vikram and dimple. If Siddharth was the soul of the movie, then Kiara is the heart of it! their combo was excellent.

Now coming to the battle scenes, songs, cinematography and sound effects, each and every element of this movie is perfect. From loving songs to the battle scenes everything was perfect. Sounds of bullets and bombs were quite often in the second half of the film, which has honestly made me think that I am literally seeing the soldiers fighting for our country from a little distance. The songs are the only element where the heart of the movie “SHERSHAAH” resides. All the songs of the movie, from the romantic song to the last song of the movie where everyone was giving tribute to the Captain Vikram Batra wrapped in the flag. Every song has its own vibe, it’s own emotion. The dialogues of this film was commendable! My favourite was the one,” ya toh tiranga lehraake aaunga ya tirange me lipat ke aaunga, par aaunga zaroor” this dialogue has won many hearts, this dialogue has showed the utmost love for the nation of Captain Vikram Batra. All over the movie is a must watch because apart from the history of it, this movie is genuinely a good one if I judge it in the category of movies in the cinema. Literally kudos to each ever soldier who has sacrificed his life for the nation. Respect and hats off to every soldier up there.

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