“Disadvantages of Reservations”

The word ‘reservation’ can be defined as an act of reserving or keeping back or holding something. It is a kind of process to provide facilities to the people belonging to the weaker sections of the societies in the areas of education, scholarship, jobs, and government service and in other spheres in which they are not being represented properly. The reservation system is under the control of constitutional laws, statutory codes, local rules and regulations.In India, this system is also known as ‘Quota System’, meant for the people attached to the reserved category. Reservation is a form of Affirmative Action a certain percentage of seats are reserved in Parliament, State Legislative Assembly, Central and State Services, Public Sector Units and in all Public and Private Educational Institutions except in the Minority and Religious Educational Institutions for the reserved categories. The Constitution of India provides three types of reservations i.e. Political, Educational and Employment and the percentage for the reservation of these has been fixed by them.

In India, the reservation is being provided by the Government on the following basis: (1) Caste (2)Religion (3) Domicile and (4) Gender (5)Economic Condition

India is one of the few countries of the world that offers job and educational reservations to the minor and backward communities of the country, so as to uplift them. This technique has received worldwide praise and generally positive views. However, this system has its own merits and demerits to offer. Firstly, our country is a developing one, and as a result, the people often tend to narrow-minded. Age-old traditions of not letting women be educated or work, and beliefs that originated from the infamous Varna system, still prevail. Therefore, strenuous and money-consuming efforts by the government often do not befit the minor citizens.

Disadvantages of Reservation System.

  1. It divides our country on the basis of caste, religion and gender and hence threatens our national unity. People often see benefits according to their caste, religion and gender and hence for the sake of benefits people often end up having disagreements and fights with each other. Being a secular country, this kind of behaviour can break our unity and the the respect for the nation. It totally divides our country and threatens the national unity, which always have its own consequences that can tear up the unity and the prosperity of the nation.

2.For the benefits, many people make their fake certificates of being an OBC, ST or SC. Which not only disrespects the castes but also it makes the system dirty and unfaithful. This is something terrible that can be done for the sake of advantages and benefits. Making fake certificates is something very disheartening to the respective castes and a kind of disrespecting their own religion and caste. This breaks the unity among the citizens and hence become the reason of discrimination among the citizens.

3. The attempt of goverment is that all the people in our country live without any discrimination on any basis, but reservation will not let that happen. It creates the feeling of superiority and inferiority among different class of people. Since SC, ST and OBC have their own respective advantages and benefits but on the other hand the general category always suffers. General category has become now the most inferior category as compared to all the categories. Being from a general category and still getting admission is a very extreme accomplishment that an adult can praise for the rest of his/her lives.

4.Beneficiaries of reservation are largely from dominant class in backward castes.Marginalised section still remains marginalised. The real benefits and advantages usually got prevailed only by the dominant classes in the backward castes and on the other hand the lower section of people remains the same. This shows how much the discrimination is their in every part of the castes and society and how only the extreme weaker section people always suffers.

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