A “real” women aren’t defined by their  height, weight & curves,

She should get the respect which she totally deserves!

No one’s perfect, not even the person himself who’s body shaming!

Everyone has come up with distinctive features so , NOW JUST STOP BLAMING!


“Body shaming” this word has broken many hearts out there. Body shaming is something disguise and disheartening one can ever feel in his her life. It is something which eats your out completely, it makes the person insecure, uncomfortable, not confident in their own skin or body, less motivated and every thing that can make a person to doubt on his/her body and to hate the body.

Body shaming is an act of mocking or criticizing one’s physical appearance. The culture of body-shaming is generation old and an ongoing social practice irrespective of social status, education, creed, etc. The reach of body shaming is wide and is not restrictive to only the shape of the body, it includes looks, the colour of the skin, height shaming, one’s muscularity or absence of masculinity, the list goes on and on. These clichés still dominate India’s mindset. This is a big part of our school and college life, and it will never mellow down however we educate ourselves. It is very common in family functions, in schools, the workplace, among close friend circles, relatives, and social media. This practice diminishes the love for our own body, love towards self and we struggle to be socially acceptable. Society has set artificial standards of beauty. It hampers one’s psychology of looking at self. Body shaming is not limited to only females, but males also do go through this trauma of body shaming. But it is more stressful for females in India since our society is patriarchal. Media plays a very notorious part in spreading this disease. We all are social media addicts, the way advertisements preach about looking perfect, has the power to affect someone’s mental health. The most recent and biggest example of media playing a key role in this aspect is the replacement of the word “Fair” to “Glow” and renaming it as “glow and lovely”. All these years they have promoted the concept that fair is beautiful. Body shaming carried on frequently affects the person’s mental health badly, it can cause depression, anxiety, lack of confidence, and social isolation. A person may suffer from panic attacks or depression disorders. Body shaming can lead to eating disorders. Body shaming is the act of suggesting that someone’s body isn’t good enough, and that they should not be satisfied or comfortable with its current composition, proportions, or exposure to the gaze of others. It is rude and disrespectful behavior, and there is no body type that creates an exception that would make body shaming less rude or less disrespectful (even if that body is, in fact, unheathy). A person’s body is their own. It is none of your business. You are not their medical practitioner, and you are neither assisting nor improving the lives of anyone by boorishly sharing your opinions and “helpful” intentions. There is no person on the planet that is not keenly aware of the ways in which their body does not meet the current standard. There is not one person who needs you to point it out.

Please choose kindness. Choose empathy. See the beauty in every body, and choose to spend your time bringing people and ideas together. We each have a staggering array of our own flaws on which to focus — let us not mock others for the state of their earthly form.

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