Friendship is one of the greatest treasure bestowed on a person by time , it’s one of the significant bond one can ever wish for. A friendship stands on the pillars of trust like other relationship. The bond has to be cultivated for years so that it’s roots become strong and it can stand through every thick and thin of life. Friendship has no age, gender or cast. The most important part of this bond is acceptance, there is no judgement. And it’s them with whom u forget all the worries of your life as you know they will be the one to whom you will go to seek shelter in the rain of pain and difficulties.

Let me dedicate a poem to friendship;


A bestfriend say’s hastag forever!

But who know’s what future beholds,

Today you might be as close as winning a race,

But within a blink the future may change.

Yes! I am curious about my friendship.

I fear, I might lose it in a second:

Friendship is supported by the pillars of trust,

But trust is as delicate as glass.

Friendship is a circle that never ends,

But what if friendship takes 360 degree spin.

The circle can be broken into an arch,

But you can’t lose, only mourn.

The longing can be as painful as knife through heart,

I hope the crescent moon phase never arrives;

The crescent moon is a beautiful sight, but not in friendship.

The friendship circle shines like a moon in the darkest night.

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