Mother Teresa

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Humanity, something that should always be treasured more than anything else in the world prevails when someone actually carries it in their work.

So did the wonder women of needy people, our Mother Teresa, she was the epitome of kindness, this is the story of the woman who was an extraordinary mother of the whole nation who proved that no matter how many obstacles are going to be there on the path she would never deviate and will always abide by the utmost dedication and indomitable courage.

She might be the only one when she started this wave but she comes out to be a much bigger inspiration for many others out there who all are in the path of dedication and peace.

Undying Spirit

The call of God is something that every one of us gets at least once in our whole day still are we able to grasp it clearly without the disturbance of the world’s attachment?

No, most of us don’t even have time to spare for the things which could deliver peace to our soul, to our society, and everyone else around us because we are living in a speedy world after all.

If we talk about the 19’s then the things were different and difficult for everyone out there but women, it would be an understatement that it was tough for them, they were going through much evil practice of the society at that time, and even if times like that couldn’t stop the will of a girl named Agnes Gonxha.

A girl so young and pure devoted her whole life to spread the message of humanity and love too far lands without the attachment yet feeling the pain of every poor and needy out there.

The capacity and ability of one’s soul to dedicate the whole life without even thinking for yourself even for once is a virtue not many of us can ever achieve.

Yet there she left her home and parents to give us the message, No not to leave home but to not stop till you achieve what you think is right and peace bearer for the upliftment of the society.

Born as a Mother

In the young age of Agnes when her father died, she was just 8 years of age and that was the time Agnes’s mother stilled the deep compassion and love for the whole of humanity. She taught her daughter that one need not be wealthy to help others one needs to be considerate and compassionate to help.

When Agnes was young her mother even set an example to teach her daughter how to be a human above every caste, creed, color.

Even when not stable enough her mother invited every destitute to din with them and taught Agnes that you don’t unless they do and that was the point and learning she took which changes Agnes to Mother Teresa, a symbol of peace for humanity, an epitome of boundless love and care for the poor.

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