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The practice of yoga and even every pose related to it can be very difficult if one does it with the whole control of huff and puffs of breath in and out. Even the great yogis in the body of the human are not able to fully control their body or emotion or attachment with the world, as to be attached with everyone around you yet not getting in the trap of this Maya seems next to impossible to us humans but there was someone who set an example to teach us with the event of his life that even us human with all the ups and downs of the life can finally achieve the stage where we won’t be needing oxygen anymore to detoxify the carbon from it. Yes, the great Lord Krishna is also known as Yogeswara, but how even in the form of human was he able to attain such a peaceful state of the mind and body’s attainment? 

To know how and why let’s go on with me on this ride.

Whole Incarnation

As we have read about the incarnation of Lord Vishnu on earth to protect us and serve us from all the evil of every four cycles of Kaal we know that Lord Vishu has appeared in a different form every time but Lord Krishna is the only incarnation who is considered as the whole Incarnation as he was born with all the 16 kalae and that is why he is considered as the whole form.

Being the complete incarnation Krishna used to be always in a blissful state where he was far beyond anything related to this world that can ever disturb the balanced and bliss of the enlighted form one can ever achieve.

He attained that form not just because he was the whole incarnation but also he taught us how even one can go to that form by trying and implementing the principles he used in his life as much as possible even in this form and time.

The Road 

The teaching of Krishna to attain this blissful state of being the one in control of your mind and emotion can be achieved from The Gita, where he taught many great lessons of life to Arjun. 

The road to this Yogesawara form in this Kalyug can be hard to achieve even if one ought to follow every step with the most dedication, so for this only we have this difficult path narrow down in just three-step of Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, and Gyan Yoga.

Karma Yoga- This is something which every one of us does every day we just have to make sure that whatever we are doing is with pure intention and not to cheat and hurt others.

Bhakti Yoga-  Whenever we hear of Bhakti what we think is we have to perform certain rituals and we are done but it’s entirely different from this. Bhakti means the higher level of dedicating one’s life to serve the one we believe in and not performing rituals and offering expensive things.

Gyan Yoga-  Gyan is something which can’t just come from reading and writing the Gyan which we are mentioning here is far much than knowing many things related to this world.

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