Educational value of travelling

As the name suggests I think you can get a idea what are we talking about. In book we read only if ideas, thoughts and experiences of other person. The knowledge thus acquired is theoretical. In day to day life, we cannot be successful with mere theoretical knowledge. We must also know about the habits, manners and ways of living of other persons. We can learn about others by coming in contact with them. Travelling takes us from the field of bookish knowledge to the field of practical knowledge.

An individual who has never gone out of home has very narrow outlook. He feels his own way of living to be the best and perfect. He also fails to understand the effect of environment on the life of man but a well travelled man sees for himself the life of different people their culture, tradition and taste. He can easily understand the point of view of others. By travelling mental outlook is broadened.

There are various difficulties when anyone is away from home. Sometimes he doesn’t find a suitable place for his lodging or the food is not hygienic and not according to the taste preference. Language barrier is often a common problem. But these barriers make the person more resourcefulness, initiative taking and develops a positive approach towards them.

That education is good which make a man readily adjustable to changed circumstances. We cannot acquire this ability from books while travelling, we have to adjust ourselves to the new conditions in different difficulties which we meet, various new problems which arise in our way, make us really adjustable. This is the greatest advantage of travelling.

A traveller must keep his mind open on his tour. He must not imitate the fashions, manners habits of other people. He must adopt the things which are good. He must tell his experiences to others in a realistic way. Travelling can be useful for the young as well as for the old age, only if they keep their minds open and start exploring.

That’s all for today… Thank you keep reading, keep knowing…

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