Stage of personality development

Personality is the term used for the integrated and dynamic organisation of the physical, mental, moral and social qualities of an individual. Personality development is very important for all. It helps in all sectors.

Stage of personality development

1 Learning and growth :- Development of people depends upon the work of people in which they have interest according to the age the understanding level of children will be increased by the passing of time.

2 Learning and maturity :- At the age many types of changes comes in the children life. Many types of changes are seen in the children and after that they can understand any thing.

Process of development :- process of development depends upon the daily work of children and from that any one can understand and personality development of children.

Important of personality development

From the personality development any one get confidence from their work. Life is more easier if we do something new for students. It helps us in achieving the goal of our lige. At the time of interview the interviewer 1st see the personality of a person and then after the education. For the success personality development is very important.

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