A Flute For Separation

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Today this article is a short story though it might not be true, the facts I have researched from different books and sources tell me that it does hold some truth in the depth of its origin.

The flute is a source of melodies, some soothing and pleasant sound which can even stir the threads of your very soul but it is so much more than just the source of the sound, it is the resemblance of divine love, a love which is still remembered even after thousands of years.

The importance of flute and today’s event that is Janamasthmi have brought a very interesting stream of topics to share my thought and article with you all on this platform.

The love for the flute

In the whole life of Krishna Ji, Krishna Ji has always been the one to sacrifice either let it be the love of his birth parents to the Nand Ji and Yasoda Maa as well, So when a person like this holds something just fro him then that thing must have great importance of or a lesson as well.

The flute is considered very precious to Nand Laal and has a significant role in religious views as well.

As the story goes the flute was a gift to Krishna Ji from Shiv Ji on the birthday of Kanha Ji, so this explains why it always stayed with him in his entire childhood.

Then why did he Sacrificed it?

During an early age in the Vrindavan, when Krishna Ji and Radha Ji were so in love and was setting an example of Spiritual love, a love so pure but with the rules and regulation of the society, it can never be accepted as it was and even Krishna Ji, had to move on the next part of his life.

So, when Radha Ji and Krishna Ji used to do Raas, Krishna Ji used to play the flute for all Gopiyas and Radha Ji, and like that he used to tell them the depth of love he has for them all.

But when the time came and he had to leave everything behind to never return to Vrindavan and even though he knew everything and the dharma he has to follow once he leaves for Mathura, the marriage with Rukmani Ji, he knew he will always remember them and connect Radha Ji with the melody of their spiritual love from the melody of the flute and when all dharma will be restored they will be united at the end time till then he didn’t want anything to hinder the sacrifice he was making and that is why he broke the flute according to the folk stories.

The epitome of Spiritual love

Even though Krishna Ji followed the wife dharma and Rukmani Ji is remembered as the chief wife of Krishan Ji yet Radha Ji stayed in his heart and it is said that in the last moments of life, Krishna Ji bid farewell to Radha Ji by playing the flute for the last time to bid her a peaceful sleep till they meet.

And that is why the flute is considered important as the symbol of Radha Krishna’s spiritual love and even the symbol to show their sacrifice.

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