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The beauty of the feathers has always amazed us humans but peacocks have it on another level, with all of its iridescent colors the bird has enchanted not only us but the most powerful incarnation and deity as well.

There are many interesting facts about the peacocks and most probably the same reason they have been capturing our attention for a long time now.

The visual effect from their feature is not from birth as till 3 years old it’s even difficult to make out the difference in male and female, then how come while growing they can fill their feature with the colors so bright yet so magnificent.

The reason for their beautiful visual is the structure they carry which is made up of different little crystals that reflect different wavelengths of light depending on how they are spaced.

Despite having the beauty of nature blending with the structure of its feather, he is enchanting to us for more reasons than just that, peacock feather is considered religiously important as well.

We all know that Krishna Ji wears the feather of a peacock but why he chose to wear the ornament of a peacock feather when he could have used anything.

Following are the reasons why he is considered significant to us and also why we worship the feather of a peacock:

  • Purity: In our Hindu mythology, the symbol of purity is considered as a Peacock and that was the reason why Krishna Ji used to wear its feather. Krishna Ji was married to many queens and princesses but he never had any relation with them as he was Askalitha Brahmacharya, the one who is eternally a Brahmcharya, and whoever he married he did all of it for setting all the wheels of Dharma.
  • The Love of Dance: There is one similarity between our Kanha Ji and Peacock and that is they both love to dance while forgetting everything in their dance and merging every bit of energy in eternal bliss. There goes one story that can also help us clarify the love of dance of Krishna Ji and peacock together. According to some folks once when Krishna Ji was awake after the noon nap and wanted to return home with all the cows grazing at the distance then he started to play the flute to call every of hic cow back to him but when every animal and bird heard the melodious tune of the flute they couldn’t control themselves and they started dancing in the happiness the melody created for them. A far there was a group of peacocks who all were also dancing and was so happy that they started crying the tears of joy while feeling the eternal bliss when Krishan Ji stopped playing the flute everyone was so content and happy that the group of peacock decide to offer them something which could show how grateful were they to feel the eternal bliss and that is why peacock offered their feather to Krishna Ji.

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