Personality development!!

So today’s post is about you, about us. I mean about our personality , about our identity, our views , our behavior, etc. Personality development encompasses the dynamic construction and deconstruction of integrative characteristics that distinguish an individual in terms of interpersonal behavioral traits.

Indeed , personality development is ever -changing and subject to contextual factors and life altering experiences. Personality development is also dimensional in description and subjective in nature. The dominant viewpoint in personality psychology indicates that personality emerges early and continues to develop across one’s lifespan.

We all possess certain personality traits that set us apart from the rest. A mix of good and bad, these traits define how we respond to situations and people. Now I tell 13 personality development ‘tips’. I hope you will enjoy reading it and become the most terrific version of you.

13 ways of personality development :

  • Know you are incomparable – Know that you and the other person are unique and are just incomparable
  • Be kind to yourself – Self compassion brings positive traits in life.
  • Give space to imperfections – Find your peace amidst the world’s flaws even as you strive to make a change.
  • Be spontaneous – Spontaneity makes one to be fun around and be per cent aware in the present moment.
  • Be light in mind and heart – Be happy and don’t overthink and overanalyze yourself.
  • Stay enthusiastic – Enthusiasm is infectious and appealing so one must never give up enthusiasm.
  • Be a better communicator – A skillful communicator can win over people and adverse situations through his words.
  • Be warm and approachable – We all like people whom we can easily mingle and talk to. Be friendly and be ready to share and help.
  • Do things with style – Doing things with style adds zing to your personality. At the same time, stay relaxed.
  • Learn to let go – After you’re done with your task, let go of your attachment with the result.
  • Be a lion in the face of danger – Don’t give into pressure and face every challenge confidently.
  • Stay calm with the power of breath – Being calm strengthens one’s personality and your stress will diminish.
  • Remember you’re a proton! – A proton never lose its positivity, nor can you. Your inner core continues to radiate positivity.

That’s all for today hope you will like it!! Thank you…

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