An introduction

By reading the title you must be thinking that what is the introduction about. A very important part of our lives which has lessons, memories, friends, guidance and path for a better future. Yes I think you must have guessed it…. It’s our schools, colleges and universities in which a major part of our lives is invested. We learn, innovate and implement the things with confidence in our lives and everyone has gone through this phase!…

Schools – What should write about it. For me it’s a place where a child is able to see a new world rather than family members. He is surrounded by unfamiliar and unknown faces. He has to prove himself there with his own sense and knowledge. School is always said to be a temple of learning and it is very true. We make mistakes and our teachers are present right at the moment to guide us and nurture us by what they have learnt with all their efforts for everyone at the same time.

Colleges and universities- The place where the competition begins and a teenager chooses his particular stream to build a better future. They provide the confidence to present things in the most effective way so that our knowledge and experiences are utilised. A vast area for ourselves to involve in more and more activities and create the ability to think. It provides a discussion about the topic and understanding it by the depth. The courses are available for everyone in any field they want to pursue.

This was a short detail about school, colleges and universities in our lives. Teenagers can easily develop and learn things. They can innovate things in a better version that may lead to a successful life. I hope you will relate this to your school and college days and smile a little more thinking about the memories.

Thank you !!!!!!

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