Courses and jobs to do after hons.

Lack of clarity in choosing future may haunt you at night. If not addressed properly it may cost you your career. Just having degree is not enough in extremely competitive corporate. You must add more skills.

Some of you may choose to work right after graduation while some may decide to purse masters. So I have sorted some most popular courses and jobs that you can do after hons. Hopefully this article will help you in clarification.


  1. Masters of commerce ( is the most popular course after doing hons.  This course is most suitable for students who want to pursue career in academics or as a market researcher, economist, lecturer etc. Duration of this course is 2 years.
  2. Masters of business administration (MBA): Another very popular course. You get to learn about various aspects of business based on specialization you choose. In addition to your graduation you are required to have valid score in relevant exams like CAT, CMAT to pursue this course. Duration of this course is also 2 years.
  3. Chartered financial analyst (CFA): It is offered by CFA institute of America and is considered of highest standard. You can take up jobs like a financial analyst, statistician, market research etc. Duration of this course is 2.5 years.
  4. Business accounting and taxation (BAT): This course is well planned to give you practical understanding of accounting, taxation, reporting and other relevant skills. These skills are mandate for accounting firms, KPO, and other hardcore finance and accounting jobs. Duration of this course is only 8-12 weeks.
  5. Certified management accountant (CMA): It demonstrates your professional expertise in the field of financial planning, analysis, decision report etc. You need to clear two exams in order to become eligible for this course. You are also required to have 2 year work experience. Duration of this course is 6 months.


  1. Financial risk manager: FRM is a globally recognized certification for finance and banking professionals. It provides many lucrative jobs in the field of risk management, wealth management etc. Average salary of this job is Rs. 10-18 LPA.
  2. Business analyst:  One more career option is to apply for job as a business analyst in MNCs and corporates.  These companies always look for graduates. You will also gain experience and skills. Average salary is Rs. 3.5 to 5.5 LPA.
  3.  Digital marketer: Due to rise in digital marketing platform, MNCs are looking for candidates with commerce background and certification in digital marketing. Average salary is Rs. 4.5 to 10 LPA.
  4. Public sector banking: You can apply in banks like IBPS, SBI RBI etc and earn handsome of money with additional perks. Average salary of this job profile is Rs. 5 -12 LPA.
  5. Accountant:  An accountant handles tax related tasks and examines financial statements. You need subject specific degree to become eligible for this job. Average salary is INR 3.5- 18 LPA.

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