World’s Physiotherapy Day

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Every year on the day of 8th September it is celebrated as the world’s physiotherapy day started on the day of 1951. It marks the day of the unity and collaboration of the world’s PT society.

Every year according to the situations and conditions the theme of the day is to decide and physiotherapists try their best to keep their patients fit and in sound health throughout the year.

The contribution of the physiotherapists is such an important deed that even if one thinks that it is easy to motivate and aware people about the good things of a healthy and sound mind but it is not an easy task to achieve with a different mindset of peoples with a different set of problems.

It is not easy to think of the profession where we have to motivate people for the things that can easily be interpreted as the way they want.

This year the theme of the day is to talk about the effect of the Covid-19 and how one can cope with it.


The importance of this day might not be yet clear to everyone out there but let me pinpoint some points which can even let you ponder on the thoughts that why this is so important for us.

The day was first discovered to recognize the efforts of the physiotherapist and what they do for us. This is day is celebrated to emphasize and promote the profession and expertise of Physiotherapists.

The importance of this can also be seen from the point of recovery from any physical injury that can restrict the movement of the body and all muscles. It is the way or therapy through which we can decrease the effect of the injury by increasing the maximum movement of the body and as well as physical function.

Not just this but with physical therapy one can also recover from fatal injuries and chronic conditions as well.

It can cure the pain and provide instant relief and can take care of the injury which can occur again in the course of some time.

Few Benefits 

The benefit of this day can be seen from the few points given below:

Easy and reliable pain management relief.

Recovery from any kind of trauma and ling lasting method to improve it.

Recovery from any physical injury and as well as paralysis.

Better body balance and posture as many of us can have problems related to the back of the neck area because most of us just sit many hours before the desktop or laptop.

As we all are gaining experience with our increasing age, we are also getting ourselves in the life long diseases which is very frequent nowadays so we can get some help from here too.


Even though medicines can provide us instant relief and no it’s not bad either when we don’t have any choice but one should consider physical therapy in the case of injury that is on the physical level and we rely on it for the longest time.

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