Anxiety a problem faced by millions in the world. Some know about it; others are not even aware of it. They are suffering it all alone. Some suffer with minor, others with major anxiety to the extent that they even try to take away their own life.

What is anxiety ?

So, let’s first know what anxiety is? This is really important to know what anxiety actually means, because there are many who are suffering from it, but are not even aware of it.

Anxiety in simple sense means having worry, fear in some stressful or tensed situation, which is normal. But when somebody experiences it on a daily basis in an intense and excessive manner on small-small things, is actually suffering from anxiety disorder. And this is a very severe disorder to the extent that people are not able to overcome it and end up taking their lives.


The main causes of anxiety disorder are:

  • Not Living in Present : the first and in most of the cases it is caused to youngsters because of the uncertainty and worry about their future. Their worry rises day by day, and it grows to become a disorder.
  • Expectations: the other cause is worry of not being up to the mark of their expectations or having over-expectations.
  • Results : worry about result is another cause.
  • Thinking negative : what ever they think they are always seeing it negatively.
  • Overthinking : another main cause is overthinking. They keep on thinking about one thing and their mind goes on to think of other related things with it. And ultimately they go into so much deep thinking that they themselves don’t realize.
  • Hopelessness : they become hopeless and think they are of no worth to the world.
  • Being altruistic : it simply means always thinking what others or the world would think about them, which makes them more nervous.

These we some of the causes their might be other reasons too. But now we should look at the solution, because for every problem their is a solutions as every night has a day.


  • Start to Live in Present : the first and foremost thing is to start living in the present. Don’t worry about the future as that is not in your hand; what you have is the present just live in the present.
  • Stop Expecting: the other thing is that do not expect anything from time(future) or anyone, because you are disheartened only when you have expection. When you do not expect anything, then whatever you get you are satisfied with it.
  • Don’t worry about results : Stop worring about results as it is not in your hand, just leave it ot God, everything will be fine. You just do your work and don’t worry about the result (hindi saying : karm Kar phal ki chinta mat kar).
  • Think positively : try to be positive as being negative never helps. And just think it yourself as even if you are negative what ever the destiny has decided it will happen. Just keep one thing in your mind whatever happens happens for good (joh hota hai achhe ke liye hota hai).
  • Do Yoga : the one of the most effective way to calm your mind is doing Yoga. By doing yoga you to try to make balance between your mind and body. Try to meditate. Whenever any negative thoughts comes to your mind just stop, what ever you are doing and do simple yoga. Watch videos on internet. Try to divert your mind.
  • Don’t worry about what people think : just keep in mind that, whatever you do, you do it for yourself and not to get somebody’s remark or happiness, it’s for you. Just do whatever you like, don’t let them affect you as it’s not worth it because they have no importance in your life.
  • Stop overthinking : when every you realize that you are getting trapped in your endless thinking, just keep everything aside and immediately stop thinking, just take two deep breath and try to relax yourself. And try to remember all the above points, you will feel relaxed.
  • Take a nap : just take a nap if you are feeling stressed.

Just try it once. If then too you are not feeling well, then please do contact a psychiatrist or any friend or your parents or anyone close to you to share your feelings with them. And be positive.

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