Automation leading the generation.

"Automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency"
-Bill Gates-

Disadvantages come along with the advantages.

Although automation brought about better functioning of systems, growth in the economy and developmemt of the country, the disadvantage are such that one can not gurantee the safety of build machines. The possibility of malfunction systems or incorrect informations are a great risks for share holders as one mistake could worth in terms of billions and one could end his life in bankruptcy.

Another reason is that someday, robotic designs could take over humans, snatching away the opportunity of soul workers hence leading to high unemployment rate.

Apart from those, people in the present world especially younger generations are so engrossed in technologies and advancement that they lose track of time and place. They lack sleep and interactions leaving high concern in their health. Too much is always bad.

Did you know automation gives you freedom from work?

The advancement in technology have brought a great change in every country for the past decades. Modern inventions are a revolution against Ancient techniques.

One of the greatest contribution automation has provided is in, the functioning of factories. For example, cutting 1000kgs of banana into slices would take up to 2-3days if to be performed by hands while an automatic machine would take only 2-3seconds. Let alone cutting, even pealing off the cover would require much time and effort.

It is very much essential for our daily tasks, from setting a timer for alarms or messages in Mobile phones to basic needs like washing machine. Automation enables us to perform multiple tasks smoothly.

Computer itself is a great advancement in this context. Not only that it performs tasks, it can also analyse data which most company make a great use of. It provides a system where auto generated words could be used and make better promotion in sales where plagiarism can be detected.

In the case of ATM, civilians don’t need to rush to the bank or stand in a queue to get money. They can easily draw out money by pressing few keys, thus saving time and energy.

And there is Tesla, another great innovation of mankind in the contemporary world being a successful automatic car that provides self driving mode.

If in the near future, automation could bring greater developments, perhaps we would have automatic network or wifi connection to our devices, which would be of a great help especially for the special and the old aged groups

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