Dance A Stress Buster

Dance wether zumba, hip-hop, Kathak, bhangra, garba, dandiya, shuffle, house, chicago or freestyle is a way to express our thoughts and feelings without the need of words or expression.

It’s an art that let’s your creativity being expressed through the medium of your hands, legs and body. It does not have any specific way to do it, it is unique to everyone’s own creativity. It is just expressing your heart out. It need not be in front of everyone to show-off your skills in dance, it is actually to free yourself and dance the way you want, maybe in a closed room in front of a camera of mirror.

The actually essence of dance is being what you are, doing what you like, just for yourself and nobody else. It is like a stress buster, which helps you to take all your worries, frustration, anger, happiness out and makes you feel a relaxed. And if you dance happily it even have positive effect on your body, helps you to stay fit. It helps to develop your personality.

If you are really want to dance you can join a dance club or group, which helps you to interact with new people, expand you world from just home to school, college or office. You find like minded people it motivates you to be more expressive in your life.

And ultimately I want to say, you want to join a club or not it’s your decision, it actually doesn’t matter, the thing matter is just ‘Dance Your Heart Out’ that’s it, no matter in club, stage or just in a room.