Do we have to sacrifice good economy for healthy environment?

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Past decade has handed over much benefit to human kind and the one to suffer is environment exposing environmental degradation that costs…….. per year worldwide.

“While the overall policy focus should be on meeting basic needs and expanding opportunities for growth, they should not be on the expense of unsustainable environmental degradation.”-muthukmara mani(senior environmental economist).

Using natural resources as fuel to the economic development many have curbed themselves over the poverty, it providing employability and many new opportunities to individuals. With excess greed and overuse of all these resources there has been excruciating effects on environment overall degrading forests, scarring natural resources these are overall affecting the economy in return.

Tony Abbott said his govt. won't "put the environment ahead of the economy". RT if you think he's got his it wrong.

Poverty remains cause of either of both consequence and cause of environmental degradation. Needless mining and overuse of resources that are on first hand limited to us which is quiet evident over degrading agriculture yields per hectare as livestock is overgrazed grassland and forest deplete for human settlements.

            The question that arises is our economic benefit so crucial that it costs us worsened environmental quality, depleted resources, extinct habitats and other impacts?

Something that emerges out is environmental stability, low emission resource efficient greening of the economy should be possible at costs of terms less to that of GDP of each country, valuing the available natural resources and taking policy decision accordingly.

To avail this issue the natural environmental growth be necessary, affordable, desirable, and measurable.

  • If not now it’s going to be a challenge to turn the pages around to covert the damages done to nature with hefty economical costs in future and also proving deadly not only to the flora-fauna but eventually to humans too, hence it’s necessary to avail it at the very moment.
  • Policies such as environmental taxes can positively help minimize the cost and pressure over governments hence making it affordable to all.
  • With so many diversifies ecologies and habitat all over the globe the policies and laws needs to be designed such that it preserves and nourishes these natural gems.
We think cutting edge technology is essential in delivering environmental and economic gains.

What can be done?

Particulate emission reduction can effectively help decrease GDP modestly even reducing 10%.

Making more tractable efficient commitments and following them religiously, look through the environments vision and then make other end decision regarding the communities, societies, business and governments. Science can be at its most use when it’s accessible to every person who wishes to use it. Every person taking this as a personal responsibility the awareness would make it up to history pages. We need to turn around the current situation and consider it as a need of an hour if we wish out economy our trades our families to thrive in peace without draining our economies.