About that artist- francis bacon-2

Saying that Francis Bacon’s life was tragic would be an understatement. He went through a great deal of emotional and mental trauma. 

Tough love

In the 1950s Bacon was moving around a lot, living ephemerally he became romantically involved with and that was Peter Lacy who was an English pilot. His relationship with Lacy was toxic in every way, shae and form to say the least. Their love was fervent and extremely passionate that perfectly enveloped the vicious and destructive side it possessed. Bacon was somewhat of a masochist and Lacy, the opposite. Peter lacy would beat Bacon and abuse him throughout their relationship. Now, an ordinary person would have been appalled by the actions of peter lacy, but this was bacon he was no ordinary man. He loved Lacy with all his might, he was obsessed with him and was blinded by this very love that was, inch by inch devouring his very existence. In fact it was so destructive that once, Lacy threw him out of the window of his house over an argument they had. Bacon’s face was disfigured owing to the assault on him by Lacy. This also affected Bacon’s artisan.

Around this time Bacon’s paintings changed dramatically, his style was much more different than the one’s he made previously.

Evolution of his work

The paintings he made in the 50s were characterized by the use of a combination of blue, black and green colors which could be attributed to the changes occurring in his life.

Francis Bacon’s series of seven paintings Man in Blue I-VII, 1954 shows men in black suits present in a murky, grey almost alien landscape seemingly estranged and bewildered.

His paintings Two Figures, 1953 and Two Figures, 1953 see two men in a rather strange setting with one on top of the other. These paintings vividly point towards the relationship between him and lacy.

A few years later lacy moved back to morocco and bacon followed him there. Francis Bacon had achieved a lot more by this time. He held multiple exhibitions and his paintings were being displayed in reputed museums and art galleries. Just before one of his exhibits in London, he was told that Lacy had passed away. This deeply scarred him.

After a little while he met George Dyer, and became involved with him too, who was a subject for a lot of his subsequent paintings. His relationship with Dyer was not as eventful as his previous relationship except just a few incidents. Dyer was found dead in the bathroom of a hotel where Bacon and Dyer were staying. His painting figure at a washbasin, 1976 resembles a man lying in the bathroom which could be about Dyer.

Over the next years Bacon’s work kept on evolving and his paintings became more polished but his desires didn’t falter. He continued to act the way he used to. In 1992, Bacon succumbed to a heart attack. His art was esoteric and he still maintained that cryptism in his art even though there was a lot that he was going through beyond his colors and canvas.