Technology – Friend or Foe

In today’s world we can’t even imagine life without Technology. And since the pandemic broke out the technology has became an absolute necessity. In the current time, everything we do is mostly online whether it is classes, meetings, webinar etc. And this might be the way our future will be working.

Technology as friend

  • No place limitation : Technology has remove the hindrance of place as you can have your meetings classes webinars competition online from all over the world at any place in the any corner of the world
  • Connecting to a wider range of people: with the help of social media you can connect to wider range of people, know more about the culture tradition or you can connect with the people who like you, might be friends with you from any part of this world.
  • Learn courses online : it provides with the opportunity to learn online on your pace and time when ever you want.
  • Online payment : now no longer we have to keep a wallet with ourselves, we just need our smartphone and there is no fear of theft as everything is locked with secure password.
  • Online shopping : no need to roam shop to shop to get your favourite outfit or anything and at your price, home delivery with just one click.

Technology as foe

  • Slave of Technology : we are so much dependent on technology that we don’t use it are actually became a slave of it.
  • Loss of memory power : earlier when there were no call logs present, we use to remember the numbers of everyone but now we have started storing everything in our phones, laptop we have started losing the memory power.
  • Causing damage to Eyes : the screen time has increased ever since the pandemic has started everything we attend is online and it is causing damage to our eyes.
  • Online fraud : the cases for online fraud has increased as we don’t know whom to trust and whom to not. We are not meeting anyone personally or know where to report it.
  • Unethical hacking : hacking has increased which cause us loss of money in even leads to stalking.
  • Trolling and bullying online : everyone is on social media when we post anything there are mean comment, trolling, bullying which cause mental pressure.

At the end I want to say that there is a positive and a negative side of everything we should always focus on the positive side and stay happy in our life.