Is Bollywood distracting Indian Youth

what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word Bollywood? An Item number or a random song which is having no meaning. Nowadays most of the Bollywood movies are just filled with item number, a lot of songs with no specific meaning and a repeating storyline. To just be specific, I am not talking about all the movies, I am taking about most of the movies. There are meaningful movies too like Dangal, Neerja, Hichki, Mary Kom etc, that makes sense and gives motivation to the youth for good things.

The Bollywood is actually started decreasing the quality of story, they are just focusing on the songs and weird sense. Without even thinking that what message do they give to the youth who are following them. Most of the movies that are being made now are love story with actually giving no meaning or motivation to the youth.

the youth after watching such movies gets distracted as they feel that they should follow their idols. The actors for the producers should realise their responsibility as they are the role model for many who are following them. They should make movies which have good impact on the youth and increases them to do hard work to achieve their goals.

And the youth too should understand and know to whom to follow and what to watch and not randomly follow anybody. So pick up everything very carefully with the what to watch and whom to follow.