Job Creation

Getting job is like climbing Mount Everest nowadays. If you are employed you have achieved they greatest hight in your life.

But here we are not going to take about the problems we face for like population explosion etc in getting employment, instead we are going to take about the solutions for it.

Some solutions

  • Encouraging people to do startups : this is the first and foremost step to increase job creation as if one do startup then automatically job creation begins and economic gets and boost.
  • Is in getting loans for startups : the banks should make the process of getting the loans for startup much easier as to encourage people to do it.
  • Improvement in academic curriculum : there should be improvement in academic curriculum as 2 to encourage the young mind to do their own startup.
  • Making foreign investment easier : the process for the multinational companies to invest in India should be eased up, by reducing unnecessary paper works and Taxes.
  • Increase in living standards : if the living standard of the general citizen of the country increases it automatically increases their needs like car, expensive gadgets etc, and to fulfill these needs more companies will bi setup and ultimately increases the employment.
  • Policy to control population growth : government should introduce policy that encourages people to have less children and ultimately getting a control on the population.

There can be many more ways to create employment. Everybody should contribute their ideas in what ways India can achieve full employment of their people, to get rid of this problem. These were some solutions from my side.