Population Explotion

Do you know the evergreen asset and even problem of India? From the title you have already got the answer for it, our increasing population. It has been a strength and a hinders too. Let’s look as some positive and negative sides of it.

Positive aspect

  • Helps in economic growth : having a large population always impact economic growth as more and more companies would like to invest in India, as there are availability of cheap and skilled labours.
  • Strength of the country : being one of the largest democracy in the world, help India to have a significant and important place in the world to play.
  • Large number of killed people : as there is large number of skilled labour available in India so they are in huge demand in the foreign Nation.
  • Large market : because of the large population India has a very large market for which there is huge competition among the multinational companies to invest in India for that they can get profit.

Negative aspects

  • Increase in unemployment : there is large population so the competition to get job increases which increases the unemployment among the people.
  • Shortage of space : as the population grows the area of country remains the same and it creates problem for people to have a property for oneself.
  • And equal wealth distribution : There is huge competition for job so there is huge difference between the salaries too, which increases the gap between the rich and the poor.
  • Difficulty in controlling population : As there is huge population it is difficult for the government to handle their issues and make a plan which is good for everyone.
  • Huge competition : having large population means having competition for everything and everywhere.
  • Dissatisfaction some social group : as having one of the largest population in the world whatever the policies are made there is always a dissatisfaction among some group of society i.e., you can’t make everyone happy.

There is always a positive and negative aspect for everything we should always look at the positive side and should try to get the solution for the negative aspects as well. No the government is also looking the add population control as type so as to have a better future ahead.