Beloved School

I was too young to understand how and why you were so important to the people who already had passed out from you. But the day I got my farewell and had tears in my eyes, I guess I knew then why you were so important to me, to them, to all of us. My education, my confidence, my surviving power, my friends and life long memories, I owe them all to you. I joined your forces as a three year old kid and left you as an adult. All those years I lived, learned, fell, rose, in your lap of wisdom and you let me. You taught me to be me. You made me, me. You have been the destination of my firsts, and you are just as special as those firsts. I wore your name on my badge for years and no day even after all those years did I feel any less of you as a family. You became my religion for the only praise I know was for you, to you, about you. I didn’t give fourteen precious years of my life to you instead you gave fourteen life changing years of yours to me. I stumbled and you held my hand and walked me to the ladder of success, you became my rainbow after days of rain, I prayed and will continue to pray for you are the divine power to me, my beloved school you gave me everything.

Though I cannot thank you enough for what you have done to me and what you are doing and will continue to do, to many more like me, but here is a thank you note as I try to be a little less emotional and a lot more of your student by reliving my days within you.  I thank you for making me believe that teachers are really next to god, that they are the candles that lighten up your way and that you can reach places with their support. I thank you for giving the stupid, idiotic, smart, beautiful friends whom I now bank upon for any and every life problem. I thank you for introducing me to the world of books, debates, speeches, writing, and many more. I thank you for bringing the PICASSO inside me out to the world for now I rock at creativity. I thank you for teaching me perseverance, courage, honor, respect, harmony, dignity, bravery, discipline, consistency, commitment, ambition, care, kindness, loyalty, service, forgiveness, integrity, hard work, gratitude, humility, trust, self respect and most important of them all LOVE. I thank you for not only building my character but also securing my future. I thank you for preparing for the cruel world with your soft feather like deeds. I thank you for crowning me with your presence. I thank you for residing within me. I thank you for building me, for encouraging me, for guiding me, for loving me. I THANK YOU for everything as I bow to you and will continue to do so till I breathe my last.

Signing off,                                                                                                                    Yours Truly….