The Right Way To Start The Conversation

The Right Way To Start The Conversation After You\'ve Matched With A Girl

The chances of you matching with a girl you liked are 50-50 (it’s way less considering the messed up algorithm and guys to girls ratio, but let’s remain motivated here). However, the real struggle starts after you get a match and get her to talk to you, be interested in you and actually agree to go on a date with you. Tough, but not impossible.The Right Way To Start The Conversation After You

Remember, first impressions do count and it can make or break your game. Here is how you should actually be breaking the ice with your match on a dating app to increase your odds from 50-50 at least 69%.

1. Replace Heys And Hellos With Something Creative

The Right Way To Start The Conversation After You

She must be getting the same old ‘hi’ and ‘hey, what’s up’ from a dozen other guys in her DMs and for you to stand out, you gotta do more than that. Instead of the boring greetings, scan her profile and see if you can use any reference of her favourite TV show or movie. If it’s Friends, you can never go wrong with “How you doin’?”

2. Ask About The Origin Of Her Name

The Right Way To Start The Conversation After You

This is one very simple and unique way to break the ice. You could simply text her ‘hey, interesting name. What does it mean?” That is, of course, her name isn’t too common and has an obvious meaning. 

In that case, you can ask her if she is named after someone. She would get excited to tell you the story of how she was named and you can take the convo further. 

3. If She’s A Pet Mom…

If you see a girl whose profile is filled with her pet, say a dog or a cat, you’ve hit a jackpot. However, you have to write the right opener. Just complimenting her furry friend won’t cut it. 

Send something like “You look cute!” And then, “and so does your hooman” in the next text. While the first text will make her yawn, the second one will get her all excited. And, it’s hella impressive.

4. Commenting On Her Photo

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There are profiles where you don’t find anything substantial or worthy of a conversation starter, but she’s cute and you need to impress her with your words. Don’t get all creepy complimenting her body or boring saying she looks beautiful. 

She will just say thanks and you’re stuck again. Instead, look for other things in her photos and talk about that. Shoot a question about where she is posing (works for travel pictures) or pay attention to her room to talk about anything you can find interesting.  

5. Make Her Giggle With Original Jokes

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A wise woman once said, “You can make a woman do anything, if you can make her laugh.” That was Marilyn Monroe who was probably out of most men’s league and that coming from her testifies that the way to a woman’s heart is through her funny bone. Tickle it with original, personal (not rude) and witty liners and texts. Create inside jokes once you have her attention. And, you will. 

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