Story based on Srivaibhavi’s interview

An interview with Ms. Srivaibhavi
Srivaibhavi is a student from CMR university where she pursued her B. Com and completed in the year
of 2017.She was very much fascinated about social work since childhood and started volunteering since
a very young age. She started working for mercy homes basically known as old age homes in Kannauj,
UP. As a student of KV school even the teachers noticed how she was into social work she started
volunteering since 8th grade and her teachers supported her. Later in her 11th grade she took an
initiative to call out her friends to join her and form a small ngo known as ‘Bring smile’, she along with
her friends started volunteering for government schools teaching unprivileged kids hindi, english,
maths.She along with her friends started to raise funds for the school so that they can provide the
school with good cupboards, school bags, notebooks etc. She inspired a lot of students and her friends
during her schooling days and was also awarded from her school principal. In her university days she
was very well known for the cause she was working for and it inspired people to join her and work for
the underprivileged students. She has worked for many causes for bihar floods, assam floods, kerela
floods, plantation around the city etc along with her team. After all these years of work, she tells one
must follow their heart and put their 100 percent into it to make it a success, she gains happiness by
sharing the happiness of the underprivileged kids she has worked for during her entire journey.
Interview Transcription

IN:Hello miss vaibhavi, Thankyou for giving me your precious time.

SV:It’s my pleasure.

IN:Shall I begin the interview?

SV:Yes, please

IN:So since when have you been interested in social work?

SV:My aunt served her entire life for the society, she was into social work and I always found it very fascinating and interesting. She has been my inspiration and I always looked up to her. I even started accompanying her when I was in 6th grade so it started since then. IN:When did u get the thought that u also should follow your aunt’s step?

SV:I actually started it from 7th grade when I told my aunt that I also want to start social work. She recommend me an old age home and that was the first ngo I started working as a school student.

IN:How was your first experience?

SV:I still remember washing their clothes, bedsheets, combing their hairs, helping them in taking bath and there was an old lady known as mala she adored me a lot as a kid and would offer me sweet milk everyday, I still miss those days.

IN:As u said you were in 7th grade, how was your teachers reaction towards it?

SV:I studied in KV Kannauj, UP and KV conducts lots of activities and volunteering options are also given and my teachers always supported me and through me many of my classmates also were interested to work along with me. My school even awarded me for my work and maybe that was my first achievement.

IN:So when did you take the major step to start your own NGO? SV:I was in 11th grade, I took major in commerce in the same school and I thought of starting my own organization ‘Bring smile’ And lot of my friends we’re a part of it.

IN:Which cause did you focus into?

SV:I then wanted to devote my life for the unprivileged kids who had no source to pursue education, as you know education is a major part of our life and I was always curious to work and mould kids who were in need of my help. I started working for a government school and I along with my maths, hindi etc. We started raising funds to provide them notes, pen, books etc. We even started to work so that I along with my team can provide them a proper place to sleep I’m their school as they had a hostel in school which had no proper beds, walls, cupboards neither clothes. IN:What were the other things which were also included ?

SV:I also thought of showcasing their talents through art like painting, dancing and singing. So we would reach out to students who were good in these field and in weekends they would visit the school to teach particular art according to the interest of the kids. We at the final day conducted a program where all the kids got a chance to showcase their talent.

IN:Did all this affect your studies?

SV-Not really, I was happy by helping people and that also motivated me to concentrate in my studies. I was sn average student but my passion never affected my studies.

IN:I see, I heard u pursued B. Com as your major? How this sudden thought come into your mind?

SV:My dad wanted me to pursue B. Com as he said it might be helpful for my carrier my parents were always supportive but I choosed bcom because my dad suggested it to me.

IN-That’s really thoughtful of you. So how long it has been now? SV:It has been years I’m into this field inspiring the youth of the country to choose this particular field. During my university days I conducted lots of events for raising funds for the kids. I even took part in the plantation drive around the Bangalore city. I worked as a volunteer for assam floods, kerela floods and bihar floods. It’s very necessary to put your time into other things too. Today we do a lot of activities all around UP conducting self defence classes for girls and many other activities.

IN:This is so inspiring,Are u satisfied making it your proffession? SV:I am very much happy because I don’t work here for money, money was never my thought, my choice was to bring change and to bring a smile in their face. That was my main motive. I always believe follow what your heart say and put your 100 percent into it to make it a success, I gained happiness by sharing the happiness of the underprivileged kids and many other causes which I have worked for during her entire journey.

IN:You have been so inspiring and have also inspired lots of people who are with you today. Thank you for your time.

SV:It was my pleasure.

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