Global Warming a Global Threat

“Global warming, a global threat”. We have heard a lot about global warming in the news debates general discussion and international discussions too. But are we really serious about it, we just hear it and leave it we never try to understand the seriousness of it. It has just turn to be a debate topic for us.

The temperature of the Earth is increasing drastically, even in Antarctica whoes normal temperature remain +10°C in summer experience 18.3 degree Celsius record temperature which is an alarm in one. Even Canada is facing about 50 degree celsius temperature which is the record highest in the history of Canada.

Cause of global warming is the CFC gases which are released by the AC, refrigerators and cars that we use. The clearing of forests that leads to deforestation is another cause of global warming as carbon dioxide is not been able to use by the trees. Global warming leads to melting of glaciers which ultimately leads to increase in sea level which is the main cause of tsunamis and other problems.

We always hear that action speaks Louder Than words and this is the real problem to take action upon. There are many steps taken internationally for this cause but we should contribute from our side too.

We can contribute by planting a tree or any small plant or by reducing the use of ACs, refrigerators and cars. Just think about it it might be a very small step from your side but will cause a great difference to this earth. Just bring the first step forward and other get inspired by you and will ultimately E result in reduction of the Global temperature.