Positive effects of Covid Lockdown

Covid 19 a name which has changed the life of every individual in this world. It has changed the way we live, the way we work the way we think.When we hear covid-19 we get anxious, sad and always look at the negative side of it. Which is right because we have lost so many lives, jobs, increase in the number of of depression cases, which has ultimately made everyone’s life a Topsy-turvy.

But as we know there is always two sides of a coin, so there is always two sides of any situation too. We have already looked at the negative side and we know about it but now let’s look at the positive sides too.

Reduction in air pollution : there was reduced in air pollution which improve the air quality of whole world, as all of the big factories where close up and there was no emission of carbon dioxide, Sulphur and other toxic gases in the atmosphere.

Clearance of water body : the water bodies have cleaned themselves during this time as the industries and factories when not releasing any toxic chemicals and materials in the water bodies which even increased the number of water organism.

Reduction in use of energy : again due to the close down of all the factories and industries the energy consumed earlier was reduced and which lead to saving a lot of energy.

Improve in health facilities : as this covid-19 broke out we actually realised that we need a better health facilities and to provide these facilities many new firms were established to provide this medical and health facilities leading to its improvement. India was one of the largest producer of mass and PPE kits.

Technological advancement : when the spender make broke out everything has switched to online platforms which lead to to its improvement. As we know necessity is the mother of invention and in these time when we were not able to meet each other physically technology help us a lot to overcome this hindrance

Removal of place hindrance : we were able to take online classes, meetings, webinars and other events online which actually remove the hindrance of place as we can attend it being in any part of this world.

Spend more time with family : we were able to give more time to our family members and loved ones which earlier was not possible due to a busy work schedule.

Getting a break from busy life : this actually gave us a break from our busy life and think about ourselves and enjoy quality time with her family which actually make us very happy.

Chances for learning new skills : this also provided as to improve our skills through online courses which was earlier difficult for us to focus upon because of our busy life.

Just look at the positive sides of it. There are many more which I may not be able to cover right now, but you know it. So in order to get inspiration in the difficult time we should look at the positive points of it. Because this is what life is about facing difficulties with a smile on your face and a positive attitude in your mind.