Water A Priceless Resource

Water an absolute necessity of life. How weird, a thing which doesn’t have taste, colour or smell plays the most important part in our life. It is our daily basic necessity, it is so basic that even we have started ignoring it’s presence. The importance of anything is only realise when we are deprived of that.

We have started misusing this resource. We waste a lot of water while brushing, bathing and even pollute water bodies by contaminating it with harmful Chemicals and industrial waste which, leads to death of water organism. We have forgot that what is not our property it belongs to everyone who is present on earth.

The value of water is realised by those who are deprived of it. Almost 90% of the world’s population to not have access to clean drinking water they are forced to drink muddy and dirty water. Those people use every drop of water very cautiously. We should at least think of them if we save even a single drop of water if we can, this will contribute to a great cause.

We should take a youth from today itself that we should not waste a single drop of water. Saving water means saving life, there are many people who died because of drought and many other reason like drinking contaminated water. Do think about them and please save water if you can. Be a responsible citizen and it is our responsibility.