Plastic A Modern Devil

Plastic the most dangerous and harmful enemy of our environment. It is killing mother nature and our health too. We take plastic bags from shop and don’t realise that we are actually taking home a devil who will cause harm to not only nature but to us too.

A normal plastic takes about 1000 years to decompose. Just think about it that a single piece of plastic take such long years to decompose, the level of plastic which we are using today will take how many years to decompose. It is choking our water organisms life. It is also choking are animals who eat food from the garbage like the cow, dogs, cats etc.

The youth are taking responsibility reduce the use of the plastic and organising campaigns and webinars to create awareness among people to not use plastic or use decomposable plastic. The big companies are taking responsibilities to to recycle plastic and many new forms has also set up for this purpose.

Even the government have started realising the need to protect our environment and nature. International organisations like UN has also so so called for an international cooperation in this matter.

There are many innovative way in which the plastic are being reused like in making bricks, floor, dolls, chair, etc. Forest sustainable future we have to look into this matter with utmost seriousness. This earth belongs to everyone and we have no right to miss you or destroy any element on this earth.

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  1. So much needed on this. Policy with incentives rather than with rules and fines. And social change, including more balanced gender roles in the family because changes in consumption in the home are needed and this needs every member of the family to do their bit.