About that Author and her books: Sarah J. Maas

The queen of YA fantasy world, author of numerous books, including the throne of glass novellas, the renowned A Court Of Thorns And Roses series(ACOTAR), Crescent City, etc. all of which are ACTUALLY New York Times bestsellers, this 35 year-old author from New York, has created works that are read all over the world and loved incomparably. She currently lives in Pennsylvania with her husband Josh, her son Taran and her dog Annie. she first wrote her novel throne of glass when she was just 16, which turned out to be her debut novel when published after almost a decade. Though after writing several chapters of the novel, which was then titled queen of glass, she put it up on fictionpress.com, and got much adoration for it.

A wild spirit, Sarah continued writing the throne of glass series, which was then purchased by Bloomsbury, and published its last novel, kingdom of ash in 2018.

Her second set of novellas is A court of thorns and roses series( my personal favorite) which is inspired by the story of Beauty and the beast( also my favorite), first written in the year of 2009 but wasn’t published until 2015. the last book of this series was just published in early 2021, in the united states and some more countries. It is expected to be a virtual series on Hulu.

Her third novel, a TOME would be a more appropriate word for it, is the Crescent City series, who’s first book, house of earth and blood was published in 2018, and the publishing of the second book was just announced yesterday! (which is how I got the idea to write about her) It is publishing on February 22, 2022. I can’t wait!

Now comes the brief introduction to each of her novellas( while NOT giving the spoilers… I guess *winks awkwardly*)


This a story of a huntress, a fierce, strong and bold huntress. involving Fae creatures, romance, wars and what not, this book will give you chills every time you read it. though, honestly speaking, the words mate, grinned and purred are used rather extensively, if you really get into the plot, you wont even notice it! it is that good.


Chronicles of a girl, a valiant girl named Bryce Quinlan, and a boy, a dark but kind boy named Hunt Athalar and the adventures they face for love. Though being a massive, gigantic tome, if you’re anything like me, I am sure you’ll read it in less than 4 days if you really get into the story. There is still an extensive use of the words grin, purr, and a rather peculiar way to write ‘hel’, but regardless of all of this, I love this book to death. memento mori, and read it now!


a story about Calaena Sardothien, an assassin, a person whom everyone fears, Throne of glass series is Perfect for anybody who likes a Dark Romance kinda vibe. I am truthfully not the right person to descript this book as I am still on the fourth one, but, up till now, it is GOOD, so good. I would suggest you to read it with my utter heart.

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