Pets A True Friend

Having a pet at home, may be a dog, cat or any other animal makes you feel like a family and a companion. For a pet owners become their whole world. They are always loyal towards their owner, they are actually like parent to them.

There are many scientific proven positive effects on mental and social well being while having a pet at your home. They never let you feel alone, they are always around you. They sense your feelings and try to make you happy always. They can’t speak in our language but, they can understand and we can understand them too, there is actually an internal connection with them.

Having a pet miss you more social as you always have to take them for a walk that also help in having a physical exercise for us too. The help us connect to the people. Once you have a pet you actually have a family member with you which never lets you be lonely.

l just want to say that please care for your pets, don’t ever leave them as where whole world is you can’t live without you. Teacher responsibility of paint only when you can take care of them till the last breath don’t leave them alone in the middle of an ocean.

Be a good pet owner. Be like their parent and care for them as your child, play with them as friend and treat them as your family.