The Refugees

“Taking Mum’s hand, I whispered ‘Are we really safe, here?’ ”

Alwyn Evans (Walk in my Shoes)

Everyone has a right to make his/ her life happy and fruitful but the refugees have to pay a high price for this quality life. The refugees are the most affected people, in today’s globalised world. Refugees are people who are outside their home country because of their race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion. Displacement is a long, lasting reality for most refugees. We need to bring them out of the situation which they face at borders of different countries. We all know that refugees deserve much better treatment on the borders of the countries than they are able to get. Migration has long been part of our human history, but the current Afghan crisis has shown that countries must accept refugees into their sovereign states. Although we all know the countries with refugees have special security but still we are not ready to take responsibility of human. All the countries know the process to bring refugees or displaced people to a stable life in their country. But still one fact is that we are not ready for this responsibility. Why? No one knows, but what all we should know is the way to make refugees’ life stable as readily as possible. Countries have potential to make life better and even best for refugees but the problem is that we are not taking refugees a collective responsibility. But still there are some super ways to help refugees collectively (by different countries).

All the countries should investigate trafficking gangs who exploit refuges and migrants, and put people’s safety above all. Governments also need to stop blaming refugees and migrants for economic and social problems. Even if governments allow refugees to enter their country, they should not treat them as worthless creatures as they are intruders. Opening up safe routes for refugees is one important solution to the problem. When people are assured about their security, they too start feeling safe though they have a lot of crisis in their country related to their country related to their health and housing, yet they have faith in those country members who by giving equal rights and opportunities assure them that they will definitely be able to live comfortable and happy life. Resettlement is vital solution for the most refugees. And whether they travel by land, or by sea, they should be allowed to cross borders, with or without travel documents. Though countries are not forced to make refugees a part of them, still if they allow some of them to enter, they would definitely be one of the countries who appreciate their courage to come out of drastic situations just to ensure good future on their own basis but what all they want is some support of the country and its permission to enter that particular country.

As we all know women are essential part of a family and a nation. The condition of migrant and displayed women has become the worst. Refugee women, who lose their homes, families, husbands, have to face some very devastating situations during migration. They have to go through different critical situations of rape, sexual and physical harassment and violence. Even the girls of five to twelve years of age have to face such unfortunate incidents which haunt them throughout their lives. Women are more required to migrate than men as they have to face more violence than men. Single parent with her children needs to be concerned more. When females try to cross the borders of the other countries, they are locked with men who are unknown to them, which make the situation worse than ever.

All these incidents of misfortune, violence and harassment can be stopped if we all take a collective step against them countries should accept women as their part of the nation. They should make efforts to make women safe, and secure from these kinds of situations. All the countries should make more migration policies for women and children. For women and children, different routes for migration should be made. If their cases are pending, they should be allowed to live in quarters but not with men of other families. If women refugees are being oppressed, their cases should be recognized and they should be given justice. For children, policies like keeping them away from gang exploiters should be formed. Children who get separated from their parents should be kept in safe places. Special security forces should be there to safeguard children and women. So it is not important that whatever we do alone could gain better results, things done collectively are more beneficial for people who are real heroes, who leave their home and nation for betterment, who we call victims of misfortune, “THE REFUGEES”.