What has led today’s younger generation to be devoted towards the Korean language and its culture & where can you meet native Korean speakers in India? 

Rise of the Korean culture:

The vibrant and mind-blowing Korean culture has fascinated a lot of youth as of today’s date. The culture and its awesomeness have urged lots of youths as well as adults to learn the Korean language, so that it could be easier to watch K-dramas and also K-POP songs. The influence of the culture has urged lots of people to major in Korean language in India. As a result, people not only throng the institutes where Korean language is being taught, but also opt for those classes online even from rural areas. In the past decades, people were eager to learn 

Western languages like French, German, Spanish etc., and would spend tons of dollars learning these.

Obsession towards the culture and it’s language:

 The Korean industry is on the pinnacle of its glory due to its technology, K- beauty and K-pop. It has inspired a significant population of the youth, converting people into Korean language learners and Korean culture enthusiasts. Additionally, it also inspires them to meet native Korean speakers, so that they could learn from them and watch Korean dramas with ease instead of relying on the English subtitles. Moreover, it lets you experience the culture with deep insight and also helps you to learn the language more fluently. Today, the number of Korean language learners has increased exponentially in India especially during the pandemic which led them to enroll for different Korean language courses online, where they find proper guidance.  Nonetheless, meeting a native speaker can add a huge impact. 

Where can you meet Korean native speakers?

1.Hellotalk-A social media app designed for users to learn and exchange language and cultures. 

2.Meff-Another social media app to make connections and friendships through social media. 

3.Churches-You can find lots of Korean native speakers at churches as well, especially on   

   Sundays (it specifically includes metro cities). 

4.Korean Restaurants-Another great place where you can find native speakers. 

5.Tourist spots-Taj Mahal has never ceased to surprise and captivate the hearts of Koreans. It 

   tops the list of the tourists’ spots that are chosen by Koreans during their visits to India. Yes!!!! 

   every year there is a huge multitude of Koreans visiting the Taj Mahal. 

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