The Social Media

Social networking sites- these three words bring a very large world together on a single platform and in a simple and easy way. If we see the positive side, there are a number of benefits of social networking. How can we forget that how social media helped Malala Yusufzai become the youngest nominee for the noble peace prize. It were these sites only which made it possible not only for her but for 1000s of girls like her to have higher education. The social media has been playing a crucial role in making today’s teens aware about the events around globe by just one click. Social media has proven to be the fastest medium to update ourselves with daily world events. Social media updates every single second bringing the entire world together every second. Although globalisation has to be given its due credit for bringing the world closer economically and further culturally but it is social media platforms that have made it possible for a person in India to watch a French show at the comfort of their home and without any extra cost. With these social networking sites not only now people could talk, interact, respond to someone in the opposite corner of the world but can also be there without actually being there.

Social networking sites have provided a platform for protesting in some rather unusual but effective ways, from BLACKLIVESMATTER to METOO to BRINGBACKOURGIRLS and many more social media have been proved to be the best way of protesting for the right and just cause. As social media does not connect people from just one city or country but all over the world the movements on social media have a greater impact and helps in bringing greater good in the society. Back in 2013 people from different parts of India were able to raise funds from different campaigns on Facebook, Twitter for Uttrakhand flood victims. In 2014 John Bunnel, a US based sheriff was able to mobilize 5000 youngster for a basic life support training campaign only through Facebook campaign. Our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has been able to reach to a million people of our country on a personal level through his social media and special programme MANN KI BAAT. These sites made a 14 year old boy Ahammad Mohammed in America fight against the injustice he felt in his school for wearing a handmade watch. It was twitter and facebook only that brought on him the focus of the then President of USA Barack Obama and then later earned him a scholarship too.

There is no doubt that in today’s modern era whether it is a motion of physics or politics of civics we can get all the useful links by just a single click. In no means we can deny that internet has changed everything for good and it is social media that has made it so flexible. It only depends on us, how we take it, as a head or as a tail. Social networking is an ever changing fad which in every field from communication to examination has become our supporting tool. Today no one can even imagine a life without these social networking sites. From dusk to dawn, from entertainment to welfare, our lives now run on these media platform platforms. And as harmful as it’s over usage is as beneficial is its appropriate use.

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  1. You are absolutely right. The views expressed on account of social media, Facebook, Twitter and all other facilities being provided by Internet are remarkable and most of our problems in every fields of life are being solved within some seconds or minutes without rubbing The Lamp of Allah Din.We cannot count the facilities being provided by the Social media.