Mother Nature

Mother nature the word we often come across but we don’t give much importance. In this context nature has been given in the respect of a mother. But as we all know that a mother’s presence is so much in a life that at a point we start to ignore her little little things done for us. Similarly we have forgotten the importance of mother nature too.

Just think if we don’t have this nature what would happen of us. None of us would have been alive. We should not be so thankless towards nature who has always helped us in all aspects.

Instead of respecting nature as mother we have started exploiting it. We are taking the resources from nature but we are not giving anything bad to her free just want to full feel handbag letting hands empty.

This change we cannot bring all alone we need the support of all us, but everything starts with a single step if even one starts to respect or do something towards nature everyone else would join. The need of today’s just that one step.

Just take care for nature as if you are caring your own mother then you will start experiencing an aura of happiness. Nature is our everything and we are because of nature so please protect mother nature and mother earth.