Tourist Attractions In The City Of Dreams

MUMBAI – The financial capital of India is fondly known as the city of dreams and a city that never sleeps. The city has got such sobriquets as migrants from various places enter here in search of better education and job opportunities. It is a home to many people who have come here from across the borders to accomplish their dreams. Even during the wee hours, people can notice the hustle, bustle and euphorious atmosphere here. All this extravaganza adds up to the glory of this city. Let us have a look at the major tourist attractions here.


This monument facing the magnificent Arabian Sea in Colaba was built by the British to have it as a symbolic entrance of the colonials into the city. It was also the gate from which the British left India in 1948. The structure is an adaptation of the Arc De Triomphe of Paris. It is a hub for tourists, vendors, historians, vloggers and avid photographers. Two of the five jetties located here are used for commercial ferry purposes and cruises are available too. The Archaeological Survey of India protects the monument and several big firms have come forward to help in restoration of this monument under Corporate Social Responsibilty.


This 3.9 km long C-shaped stretch in Mumbai is also referred to as the Queen’s Necklace. During the dusk hours, the placement of lights along this natural bay resemble a shining necklace. Cemented sitting spaces allow visitors to have a relaxed time here while facing the waves gently drenching the sand. Plenty of snacking options are available here, ranging from lip smacking Chaat to soothing Ice-creams. Uphill, Tourists can explore the Walkeshwar area (an affluent location with an expensive cost of living) where one can find a number of well built houses and a rich lifestyle. Several sports clubs also exist in the vicinity.


Previously known as the Victoria Terminus, this railway station is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The completion of the construction was done on the day when Queen Victoria completed 50 years of rule in India. This picturesque structure has been designed in the Victorian Gothic style by students of JJ School of Art. In the year 1996, this place was renamed from Victoria Terminus to Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. Later on, the the title of Maharaj (Emperor) was also added. It is the second most photographed monument in Mumbai. There’s a lot to do here. From experiencing a journey in the iconic Mumbai Locals with an unbelievable flurry of passengers to capturing scenic moments in a camera near the Terminus.


This is the most accurate place for fauna, flora and wildlife lovers. Away from the commotion, this place on the outskirts of Mumbai, provides for ample activities. Visitors can visit the Vanrani Forest, lion and tiger enclosures, butterfly garden, enjoy boating in a paddleboat or go hiking in any of the seven nature trails. The 65 mile long park is divided into three different zone – Tourist Area, Buffer Area and Core Area. Tourist guides and bicycles are available for anyone who does not wish to venture solo.

Mumbai has also been given the sobriquet of Tourist’s Paradise. With abundant tourist locations such as places of worship (Haji Ali Dargah, Siddhi Vinayak Temple, Iskon Temple), for having a leisurely family time (Bandra-Sealink, Juhu Beach, Hanging Gardens), for reasearch enthusiasts (RBI Coin Museum, Nehru Planetarium, Nehru Science Centre, Jehangir Art gallery) and many more. About 6 Million people visit Mumbai annually to see the city’s beautiful locations and to experience the culture, cuisines and lifestyle. All this has made Mumbai the 30th most visited place in the entire world.

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