Every time we look in the mirror we hope to find the person we have always wanted to become and not our actual self. But the fun about this whole hoping and wishing is that we never accept and move on, we continue to hope. People say hoping is what makes our life beautiful and worth living but in reality it is the fact that we try and work hard towards getting what we hope for, that makes our life adventurous and value hyping.  Hope isn’t something that lead us dream unattainable but rather it is something that compel us to work hard enough to attain the unattainable. We decide to put our best foot forward in the battle field, we aim on reaching the top end of the ladder, we become courageous enough to climb that mountain peak and all that because of one not so little thing- HOPE. How amazingly pure this emotion of hope is that we surrender ourselves with all our might to it regardless of the moment, time, person or our own actions. Hope takes us to another beautiful emotion called- FAITH. Faith isn’t something that will take us places but it is definitely something that describes the world in much more innocent sense and leads us to the path of prospect. Hope is something that can make us optimistic about future, something that can make us fight the toughest battles of our life and eventually win them with zero loss. Hope brings out the best in life it describes each of our act with certainty of killing it and accomplishing the unimaginable.

Hope knock together the possibility of a future so different from present and yet so close to our past. Hope turns us into the being so true to our own selves that we dream big and pull of something even bigger. Hope sticks us to the ground reality but at the same time motivates us to alter that reality into our biggest ambition. Our fantasies start growing into reality and making more sense to us as we hope of realizing it. With each step closer to the goal, we take a jump upwards the clouds of hope. As soon as we start accepting the fact that with each of our day of hoping more we accomplish more we begin to hope more and in the constant act of hoping and genuinely conquering we end up hoping what we did not even suppose of wishing of and ultimately getting it. Hope regenerates the self- confidence which life’s unpredictability robbed us off. Hope gives rise to general feeling of completeness even when events around us seem a little unfair. Hope does not cause us doubt our self worth instead it furthers our treasure of self believing powers. We gain and loose in life simultaneously but hope ameliorate the realization of loosing and celebrate the actions of gaining. Hope optimizes everything around us, it looks straight into the black sky and wonder in the stars assisting us to trust the process and pray to hope forever.

Photo by Rodolfo Clix on Pexels.com